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My next DIY project May 25, 2011

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My man’s gonna be away for 2 days, a small part of me secretly looks forward to having the whole house to myself.

It’s not a SPACE thing, well maybe not physical space anyway cos we live in a big 4 bedroom house with only the 2 of us. For some reason, I feel like I can more freely indulge in my pet projects (and my weird liking for fried brown rice) when he’s away.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s extremely supportive towards all my creative indulgences (he has sat through too many of my “Oh I’ve an IDEA!”) but when he’s around,  he’s constantly peering over my shoulders asking (or rather telling) me what or how I should do it. I know he means well but I can’t make a mess when someone’s watching me! And if I stuff up, I can’t just chuck it away like it never happened!

Anyway, back on topic. My next DIY project is to turn the Antique Chest Seats I found at Trash & Treasure into a Clothes/Coat Hook Rack.  (yes yes I know I still have that CHAIR to refurbish but some how the bigger the item the more it scares me! silly, i know.)

This idea was inspired by something I saw on Design Sponge where they turned  old Trophies into a coat rack! It’s such a creative but simple way of using something seemingly quite worthless into something so quirky AND functional!

Vintage Coat Rack

What do you think of it?


What does the weekend say about you? May 22, 2011

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Weekends are probably everyone’s favourite part of the week since we get to do what we truly enjoy in life. If you think about it, it probably says alot about the life you lead and even perhaps about who you are.

Having lived in 3 cities, Singapore, Sydney & Melbourne it’s funny how what we do over the weekend is very much a reflection of how our lives have changed in these 3 cities.

In Singapore, the first question we’ll ask each other on Saturday mornings would be “Where do you wanna go for breakfast?”. This usually leads to some sinfully greasy breakfast like “Kway Chap”  (a mixture of pig’s spareparts boiled in dark broth) or “Prata” (a Indian flatbread). Food especially cheap & good street food is very much a way of life in Singapore.

In Sydney, the question becomes “You wanna go to the beach today?” & this is followed by me scrambling out of bed to the window to check on the weather.  I really do miss this aspect of Sydney life and especially our ritual of heading to the beach for a brekky with Raindrop and then a nice stroll along the coast.

Finally in Melbourne, the question is now “Which market do you wanna go to today?”. Weekend markets are so much a part of our lives now especially living in a region where there’s an abundance of Antique markets & Farmers markets. The beauty of visiting markets is, it’s a great way to discover & explore Melbourne. Visiting these markets usually lead you to some very pretty & quaint towns like what we discovered this weekend when we went to Tyabb & Bittern. Tyabb’s famous for it’s Antique shops while Bittern has a very cute country town atmosphere.

Here are some photos to share:

Antique Shop in Tyabb

Found this 1920's Music Scroll sitting in a dusty corner of the shop! The Song was titled "Moonlit Waters", doesn't it sound so romantic?!

Unusual Antiques Sitting out waiting for Loving Adoption

I LOVE the Rocking Horse!

Mr & Mrs Lim? (NOT! cos the lady's tits are showing!)

Cute cafe "made" out of a old train carriage. Wanted to try their devonshire tea with scones but was too full from lunch

Tried to relive our sydney days. Impromptu picnic lunch of fish & chips by the water. Unfortunately, being Melbourne, it was too cold to be outdoors so we "camped out" inside our car.

Angry Birds when they realised they couldn't get to the chips inside our car!

What did you do this weekend?

As tempting as it may be, don’t stay in bed too long cos there’s a big world out there waiting to be lived & discovered!


Little Miss Crafty May 19, 2011

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I promised to show you my DIY projects….so don’t mind me while I show it off a little….I’m just so happy with how it turned out especially since I’ve never known myself to be very crafty….(I scored “C” for Art in school)

Here’s some before & after photos of a shabby chic candleholder made out of a antique wall light, english teacup & saucer and teardrop crystals from a discarded chandelier (the chandelier was a road side find!)

Before - Old & rusty

before - love the details on the base


Candleholder with single tear drop crystal

I can’t decide which is nicer….the one with 3 crystals or just 1 single tear drop?

Ok next, the timber musical box which I took forever to refurbished due to a combination of procastination and was also a little nervous about doing the whole sanding & re-painting thing. Thank goodness for Mr Lim, he earnestly used this as an excuse to get a machine sander and got to work right away.

Unfortunately, i forgot to take any photos of the “before” but just imagine a dirty old box with scratches all over.

Here’s what it looks like AFTER some hardcore sanding, re-tarnishing, Painting & decoupage.

After - Vintage Jewelery Musical Box

See the patterns on the drawers? I did that =)


My next task is to refurbish a old farmhouse style chair. The story behind this find was funny. When we first arrived in melbourne, it was council trash day where people throw out their bulky trash like furnitures. We saw this baby a few houses down and I knew I had to have it. But because Mr Lim was too embarrassed to take it in daylight, we had to sneak in at around midnight, made sure our car’s headlights were off, quickly loaded it and drove off like thieves! There were actually 3 other chairs but Mr Lim refused to help me load it in the car for fear of being caught =( So silly, these are things that people were THROWING out right?

Anyway, I’ve some rather ambitious ideas for it but not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off. We’ll see.

I'm deciding between a Bright Cheery Orange or a Silver Grey...what do you think?


Awesome Sunday May 15, 2011

I had the most awesome & full-filling Sunday today. I don’t know how we did it but we managed to get so much done.

The day started bright (well not exactly, it was the usual melbourne overcast sky) and early (for a sunday!) with the Trash & Treasure market for a good dose of vintage-ing. We were a little disappointed when we first arrived as there were so few stalls, probably because of the cold & rain. But STILL, I manage to hunt down quite a haul!

For the curious, below are some photos of the junk we patiently sieve through to find our treasures. Yes not very glamorous but so much fun! My mum thinks I’m absolutely mad to enjoy this so much, she calls me a “Kalang guni woman”.

Spot the Treasure!

Vintage Trash & Treasure Market

Anyway, this trip my “treasures” include a very cute old chess seats made of wood & brass, a timber child’s toy chest, a lovely antique salt & pepper shaker, a beautiful orange-y marble trinket box & a silver tray. I’ll post some pics once i get round to taking them.

After the treasure hunt, we found time to experiment 2 dishes that we’ve been wanting to try: Eggs Benedict for Brunch (thanks to Masterchef) and a Big JUICY Burger for dinner. OMG….both turned out glorious, both made us feel like we died & went to gastronomic heaven…by our standards anyway.

Here are some photos. Will post the recipes once I’ve stopped drooling.

Poached Eggs, Ham & Muffins with Homemade Hollandiase Sauce

The Big O Hamburger

Lastly, I finally managed to finish off 2 of my DIY projects – repurposing a timber musical box &  a “alice in wonderland” antique tea-cup candle holder. The 2nd project is actually an order for someone’s wedding. They’re having a Alice in Wonderland theme and the tea-cup candleholders are for the “Mad Hatters Table”…doesn’t it sound just adorable?! I can’t wait to see the final set up! Again, stay tuned to some photos.

Wow! Just recapping what I’ve done today sounds tiring !  I can’t believe how much I manage to squeeze into one sunday….i swear, i sometimes think there are more hours in a day in Australia.

So there, what an Awesome Sunday! I love it!