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The Tsunami of Urbanisation July 9, 2011

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It’s been a year plus since I’ve been back to Singapore so I decided to take a leisurely bus ride down East Coast road to hopefully catch a glimpse of the many sights that hold wonderful childhood memories for me. (East Coast was where I grew up and spent most of my early adult years.) It brought on a mixed load of feelings and nostalgia. I was particularly sadden by how so many of the older buildings are now replaced with condominums and shopping centers with fancy promises like “Luxurious Shopping Experience”, “Crown jewel of the East”.

The building (see photo above) where I had my first job as a young banking officer at DBS Bank is now torn down. The branch brought many fond memories of what banking was meant to be before the recent financial fiasco. At that time, people in banking genuinely felt like custodians of people’s hard earned money where trust and integrity were treasured core values. The particular branch I was in had a strong sense of community between the bank and it’s customers. I remember fondly of a fruit stall owner who would regularly bring in his best batch of fruits to share with the bank staff. Come June, the branch would be filled with the waft of pungent sweet smelling durian hiding in the far corners of the back room waiting to be devoured once banking hours were over. All the staff irregardless of rank would gather round a table laid with newspaper, digging in with their hands, slurping up the juicy durian flesh. Some would share their “durian appreciation” comments like “wah! this one very nice! flesh very firm yet soft inside! This means it’s very fresh cos the fruit drop during the night time.”

The building now gone, seems so symbolic of the change not just in the urban landscape but with it the values of what banking represents. In it’s place, a modern shopping mall that is merely a seemingly glamorous facade but devoid of character, a sense of community and old fashion values of mutual trust & respect.

While I understand that in a land scarce Singapore, urbanisation is inevitable but a balance must be struck between the old and the new. A price tag can never be put on places of history and memories as this is what gels us as Singaporeans. A common history is what makes it home. Otherwise there is no difference for us to live in Singapore or elsewhere because let’s face it, almost all modern buildings look the same – Cold, Tall & Forbidding. Even if it’s architecturally magnificent but I honestly struggle to imagine forming any nostalgic feelings for a place like ION Orchard, for instance.

I also understand the need for business like banks to be bottom line driven but a balance must be struck between profit maximisation and integrity. Particularly with institutions such as banks. Like it or not, people are inherently putting their undivided trust in your hands. Be respectful of that trust, do not take advantage of it.

It’s only been a year but the speed at which the urban tsunami has swept across the country is rather shocking. If nothing is done to stem this tide, I shudder to think what the next few years would be like.

Here are some photos that I took giving a glimpse of what is still left.

The Iconic Chin Mee Chin Bakery. My family's regular sunday breakfast place since I was born.

Old Peranakan Shophouse remains untouched by the urban tide (for now)


Which Bathroom? April 21, 2011

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I’m getting so confused with all the ideas floating in my head on what style of bathroom I would like. Bathrooms are so tough! It’s so difficult to make sure creative design is functional as well. Initially, the idea was to have the floors raw concrete contrasted with luxe looking wall tiles. I could picture the whole look in my head and was so excited about it. Even the details were chosen from the stainless steel taps to the toilet bowls. And then, came the bad news – the structure of the 2nd floor may not be able to take the weight of concrete (houses are built with wooden sticks here in australia). The 2nd blow was the cost! So the whole idea got chucked out of the window and now back to the drawing board again.

. One thing I’m glad is after tearing our hairs out over the bathroom layout and reconfiguring the design, I’m finally getting a bathtub!

Anyway, I’m toying around with the styles below and as you can see, they’re really quite different. I think i’m having a identity crisis where bathrooms are concerned. What do you think?

Love the soft greys contrasted with the jet black details. Feminine and Masculine at the same time

A very clean style here but with all that white, it looks hell to clean!

Love the organic feel here


Men @ Work FINALLY! April 7, 2011

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After a long drawn process of finding Mr (Perfect) Builder, work is FINALLY starting for THE dream home! Yoohoo!!

Blessed with perfect sunny weather so far even though we’re officially into the first autumn week. Weekends are now gonna be filled with visiting showrooms to decide on kitchens, bathrooms, colors, furniture etc…the FUN PART!

And oh, already planning the year end Christmas/New Year party with our block of neighbours….all very nice people, not cows, not sheeps, PEOPLE….vast improvement from where I am now!

So terribly excited and can’t wait to see the end result! 🙂

Here’re some pics marking the start of Men@Work:








Builder cutting grass with Site Surveyor in the background







Digging up my soil?







Laying the underground pipes….think he was doing the pipe for the study toilet




The Vietnam Mystery April 3, 2011

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There has been a weird “rumor” flying around about my man having recently been going to Vietnam for “business”.Being the very kaypoh and curious person that I am, I can’t help but wonder how this rumor came about and why Vietnam of all countries?

Well let’s suspend our disbelief and just entertain this notion for a minute. It is perhaps possible that this could be true provided:

(a) My man’s able to zip to the airport, fly to vietnam, do whatever he needs to do, fly back to Australia and zip back from the airport, get back into his pj’s and to bed …. all within the 8 hours of my beauty sleep

(b) there’s actually any business dealings in Vietnam.

Since I’m practically CFO, CEO, Director, Pantry lady & Secretary of my company, I am quite sure there has ever been any dealings with Vietnam, whatsoever. Never. Ever. Not even under any other companies.

As for possibility (a), that could be possible if there’s a time travel machine or supersonic jet that I don’t know about. Otherwise, unlike some, I am pretty sure where my man sleeps at night, every night.

So that leaves only one possible reason for this rumour – Someone has been using my man as an alibi for illicit trips perhaps? But who would be so dumb as to use him as an alibi without even telling/warning him beforehand?

Oh well, i guess this one of those mysteries in life that never gets solved….so if anyone can shed light into this mystery to appease the curious cat in me, please do come forward…i’ll prepare milk and cookies.


Chopping board for the Hi-Tech Chef March 31, 2011

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This is so cool! Now all i need is to get myself a ipad to go with this chopping board.

Image taken from The Trend Hunter


DIY Ads & Signage March 30, 2011

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Here are some hilarious DIY Ads & Signage that gets to right to the point. Who needs to pay ad agencies shitloads of money when you can do it better right?

And yes as you can see I’ve been doing too much boh liao surfing….i’m blaming the sucky end-of-summer weather.

(1) The Hawker Nazi












(2) Cabby’s house rules – by order of management













(3) Beware of Erection













(4) Cabby points out the difference between a Normal Human Being and an Idiot


Bitter Sweet Truth about Vitamin water November 28, 2010

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When I first tried vitamin water I was an immediate fan. As the name seems to suggest, I was sold on the idea that I was consuming water with vitamins in it.  Well, until it became big news in Australia, exposing it’s bitter sweet truth. At one point there were talks about taking them off the shelves or banning them from kids!

Long story short, Vitamin water or nutrient water are laden with huge amounts of (artificial) sugar, caffeine (hence the energy boost) and it does not perform the advertised benefits listed on the bottles.

With so many processed food in the world now, it’s important to understand what exactly it is you are putting into your bodies.

So for those who want to know more, do take time to read through the news reports here:

Bitter Sweet Truth about Vitamin Water

Coke sued for Deceptive Vitamin Water Claims

Always always read the labels! What you see on ad copies are the nice things, it’s the fine prints you’ve to watch out for!