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which bedroom style? May 23, 2011

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If it were entirely up to me, my bedroom will probably look like this: Whimsical, Feminine & Luxurious….

Love LOVE this!

Or perhaps like this:

so in love with the wallpaper!

BUT because I live with a MAN, it’s more likely that it’ll look like this:

Nah, I’m only kidding on the last pic, Mr Lim’s not THAT bad!

Right now, the Peace Treaty over the Master bedroom territory is still under fierce negotiations between the 2 forces. To avoid war, a middle ground needs to be found between Pastel Baby Pink and Monochromatic Black & white.

To be continued.


Friday’s note May 20, 2011

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Lovely note

Saw this lovely photo while blog surfing today…..says exactly how I feel at the mo.

Yes I’m doing mindless surfing on a workday. After 2 weeks of non-stop meetings & pitches….i’m so exhausted today and I don’t feel like working.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Dining Area May 18, 2011

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There are 2 key features of our dream home: one’s the double volume in the dining area and 2nd’s the courtyard right in the middle of the house.

(We wanted alot of light entering the house.)

Our architect has designed it in this way to make our house look bigger because it’s actually on quite a small plot of land (by aussie standards). In his words: “When people walk into your house, they’ll think it’s a mansion even though it’s actually quite small.” and then he gives a loud hearty laugh at his own joke. Funny fellow.

Naturally, to do justice to these key features, alot of thought is now being put into the ID of these areas.

The dining area for a start. The photo below is how I envision the look & feel to be like. The flooring we’ve chosen is very similar to the ones in the photo.

The challenge now is to find a pendant light long and dramatic enough. I do like what is shown in this photo but it looks rather common and it doesn’t really appeal to my creative side (lol). Been surfing for a suitable light and so far the ones I like are waaaayyyyy too expensive! Like 5 figure expensive! Who would’ve thought that lights have a designer price tag as well.

I also can’t decide whether we should go for a few pendants or just one dramatic one. Sigh. So the search continues….

Building & decorating a new home is mostly fun but it’s really quite exhausting & confusing as well.

Still, I simply can’t wait to have our first family meal in our dining room!


Which Bathroom? April 21, 2011

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I’m getting so confused with all the ideas floating in my head on what style of bathroom I would like. Bathrooms are so tough! It’s so difficult to make sure creative design is functional as well. Initially, the idea was to have the floors raw concrete contrasted with luxe looking wall tiles. I could picture the whole look in my head and was so excited about it. Even the details were chosen from the stainless steel taps to the toilet bowls. And then, came the bad news – the structure of the 2nd floor may not be able to take the weight of concrete (houses are built with wooden sticks here in australia). The 2nd blow was the cost! So the whole idea got chucked out of the window and now back to the drawing board again.

. One thing I’m glad is after tearing our hairs out over the bathroom layout and reconfiguring the design, I’m finally getting a bathtub!

Anyway, I’m toying around with the styles below and as you can see, they’re really quite different. I think i’m having a identity crisis where bathrooms are concerned. What do you think?

Love the soft greys contrasted with the jet black details. Feminine and Masculine at the same time

A very clean style here but with all that white, it looks hell to clean!

Love the organic feel here


Bargain Junkies April 10, 2011

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This may sound odd to most people but our favorite past time now is Vintage hunting. We spend our weekends and some weekdays scoring through other people’s junk, yes literally junk….at Trash & Treasure markets, garage sales, Salvos and even through castaways on street side walks (Mr C the snob hates doing this part but my skin’s thicker)!

Our favorite’s the Sunday Trash & Treasure markets. I’ve always known my man as being quite a bargain junkie and now we really enjoy spending time together this way. It’s so much fun trying to look nonchalant as we look through the items at the market stores (mr C will say I fail miserably here cos I usually can’t contain my excitement) and then abit of friendly bargaining or just simply chatting with the stall owner.

I once saw a vintage sex video tape that said “How to have VERY HOT Sex” amongst vintage tea cups & jewelery at a very, and I mean, very old lady’s stall, she was rather aggressively trying to sell it to another old man, who turned beetroot red when he saw me listening to the exchange. To put him at ease, I winked at him and said “Don’t worry, you can buy it…i won’t look”. The old lady then very loudly proclaim: “Yes! yes! Must buy it! It’s good for your health!” Hilarious i tell you.

Anyway, I digress. Our hunting journey finally ends with gleeful looks as we go through our ‘treasures’ in the car, patting ourselves in the back for our scoops or comparing who scored a better find.

The thrill of spotting a treasure amongst all the junk is truly priceless. You’d be surprised by the amount of seriously quirky and unique stuff we’ve found so far. Here are some of my favorites:











Vintage Wood Drawer Box, Bronze Dog, Retro Mechanical Alarm Clock, Vintage Refurbished Camera











Vintage English Rose Tea Spoons














Vintage Tea cups made into candle holders














Isn’t it unbelievable people are actually throwing away these items?!

To prevent my home from turning into junk yard, I’ve also been selectively but quite successfully selling some of my items on ebay. It’s good to know there are people who also appreciate these vintage stuff. Not only does it add so much character to a home, it’s also really environmentally friendly.

I’m so glad to have found this new hobby & have a partner who appreciates it as much as I do 🙂