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My next DIY project May 25, 2011

Filed under: DIY / Crafty Me,Vintage Finds — dashingdiva @ 8:41 am

My man’s gonna be away for 2 days, a small part of me secretly looks forward to having the whole house to myself.

It’s not a SPACE thing, well maybe not physical space anyway cos we live in a big 4 bedroom house with only the 2 of us. For some reason, I feel like I can more freely indulge in my pet projects (and my weird liking for fried brown rice) when he’s away.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s extremely supportive towards all my creative indulgences (he has sat through too many of my “Oh I’ve an IDEA!”) but when he’s around,  he’s constantly peering over my shoulders asking (or rather telling) me what or how I should do it. I know he means well but I can’t make a mess when someone’s watching me! And if I stuff up, I can’t just chuck it away like it never happened!

Anyway, back on topic. My next DIY project is to turn the Antique Chest Seats I found at Trash & Treasure into a Clothes/Coat Hook Rack.  (yes yes I know I still have that CHAIR to refurbish but some how the bigger the item the more it scares me! silly, i know.)

This idea was inspired by something I saw on Design Sponge where they turned  old Trophies into a coat rack! It’s such a creative but simple way of using something seemingly quite worthless into something so quirky AND functional!

Vintage Coat Rack

What do you think of it?


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