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What does the weekend say about you? May 22, 2011

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Weekends are probably everyone’s favourite part of the week since we get to do what we truly enjoy in life. If you think about it, it probably says alot about the life you lead and even perhaps about who you are.

Having lived in 3 cities, Singapore, Sydney & Melbourne it’s funny how what we do over the weekend is very much a reflection of how our lives have changed in these 3 cities.

In Singapore, the first question we’ll ask each other on Saturday mornings would be “Where do you wanna go for breakfast?”. This usually leads to some sinfully greasy breakfast like “Kway Chap”  (a mixture of pig’s spareparts boiled in dark broth) or “Prata” (a Indian flatbread). Food especially cheap & good street food is very much a way of life in Singapore.

In Sydney, the question becomes “You wanna go to the beach today?” & this is followed by me scrambling out of bed to the window to check on the weather.  I really do miss this aspect of Sydney life and especially our ritual of heading to the beach for a brekky with Raindrop and then a nice stroll along the coast.

Finally in Melbourne, the question is now “Which market do you wanna go to today?”. Weekend markets are so much a part of our lives now especially living in a region where there’s an abundance of Antique markets & Farmers markets. The beauty of visiting markets is, it’s a great way to discover & explore Melbourne. Visiting these markets usually lead you to some very pretty & quaint towns like what we discovered this weekend when we went to Tyabb & Bittern. Tyabb’s famous for it’s Antique shops while Bittern has a very cute country town atmosphere.

Here are some photos to share:

Antique Shop in Tyabb

Found this 1920's Music Scroll sitting in a dusty corner of the shop! The Song was titled "Moonlit Waters", doesn't it sound so romantic?!

Unusual Antiques Sitting out waiting for Loving Adoption

I LOVE the Rocking Horse!

Mr & Mrs Lim? (NOT! cos the lady's tits are showing!)

Cute cafe "made" out of a old train carriage. Wanted to try their devonshire tea with scones but was too full from lunch

Tried to relive our sydney days. Impromptu picnic lunch of fish & chips by the water. Unfortunately, being Melbourne, it was too cold to be outdoors so we "camped out" inside our car.

Angry Birds when they realised they couldn't get to the chips inside our car!

What did you do this weekend?

As tempting as it may be, don’t stay in bed too long cos there’s a big world out there waiting to be lived & discovered!


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