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Little Miss Crafty May 19, 2011

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I promised to show you my DIY projects….so don’t mind me while I show it off a little….I’m just so happy with how it turned out especially since I’ve never known myself to be very crafty….(I scored “C” for Art in school)

Here’s some before & after photos of a shabby chic candleholder made out of a antique wall light, english teacup & saucer and teardrop crystals from a discarded chandelier (the chandelier was a road side find!)

Before - Old & rusty

before - love the details on the base


Candleholder with single tear drop crystal

I can’t decide which is nicer….the one with 3 crystals or just 1 single tear drop?

Ok next, the timber musical box which I took forever to refurbished due to a combination of procastination and was also a little nervous about doing the whole sanding & re-painting thing. Thank goodness for Mr Lim, he earnestly used this as an excuse to get a machine sander and got to work right away.

Unfortunately, i forgot to take any photos of the “before” but just imagine a dirty old box with scratches all over.

Here’s what it looks like AFTER some hardcore sanding, re-tarnishing, Painting & decoupage.

After - Vintage Jewelery Musical Box

See the patterns on the drawers? I did that =)


My next task is to refurbish a old farmhouse style chair. The story behind this find was funny. When we first arrived in melbourne, it was council trash day where people throw out their bulky trash like furnitures. We saw this baby a few houses down and I knew I had to have it. But because Mr Lim was too embarrassed to take it in daylight, we had to sneak in at around midnight, made sure our car’s headlights were off, quickly loaded it and drove off like thieves! There were actually 3 other chairs but Mr Lim refused to help me load it in the car for fear of being caught =( So silly, these are things that people were THROWING out right?

Anyway, I’ve some rather ambitious ideas for it but not sure if I’ll be able to pull it off. We’ll see.

I'm deciding between a Bright Cheery Orange or a Silver Grey...what do you think?


2 Responses to “Little Miss Crafty”

  1. Luxeaholic Says:

    #1 : One single tear drop. If you want three, then the L and R ones have to be smaller. Else looks quite crowded.
    #2: My choice is ORANGE!!!

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