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Dining Area May 18, 2011

Filed under: Building Dream Home — dashingdiva @ 9:20 am

There are 2 key features of our dream home: one’s the double volume in the dining area and 2nd’s the courtyard right in the middle of the house.

(We wanted alot of light entering the house.)

Our architect has designed it in this way to make our house look bigger because it’s actually on quite a small plot of land (by aussie standards). In his words: “When people walk into your house, they’ll think it’s a mansion even though it’s actually quite small.” and then he gives a loud hearty laugh at his own joke. Funny fellow.

Naturally, to do justice to these key features, alot of thought is now being put into the ID of these areas.

The dining area for a start. The photo below is how I envision the look & feel to be like. The flooring we’ve chosen is very similar to the ones in the photo.

The challenge now is to find a pendant light long and dramatic enough. I do like what is shown in this photo but it looks rather common and it doesn’t really appeal to my creative side (lol). Been surfing for a suitable light and so far the ones I like are waaaayyyyy too expensive! Like 5 figure expensive! Who would’ve thought that lights have a designer price tag as well.

I also can’t decide whether we should go for a few pendants or just one dramatic one. Sigh. So the search continues….

Building & decorating a new home is mostly fun but it’s really quite exhausting & confusing as well.

Still, I simply can’t wait to have our first family meal in our dining room!


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