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Which Bathroom? April 21, 2011

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I’m getting so confused with all the ideas floating in my head on what style of bathroom I would like. Bathrooms are so tough! It’s so difficult to make sure creative design is functional as well. Initially, the idea was to have the floors raw concrete contrasted with luxe looking wall tiles. I could picture the whole look in my head and was so excited about it. Even the details were chosen from the stainless steel taps to the toilet bowls. And then, came the bad news – the structure of the 2nd floor may not be able to take the weight of concrete (houses are built with wooden sticks here in australia). The 2nd blow was the cost! So the whole idea got chucked out of the window and now back to the drawing board again.

. One thing I’m glad is after tearing our hairs out over the bathroom layout and reconfiguring the design, I’m finally getting a bathtub!

Anyway, I’m toying around with the styles below and as you can see, they’re really quite different. I think i’m having a identity crisis where bathrooms are concerned. What do you think?

Love the soft greys contrasted with the jet black details. Feminine and Masculine at the same time

A very clean style here but with all that white, it looks hell to clean!

Love the organic feel here


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