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The Vietnam Mystery April 3, 2011

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There has been a weird “rumor” flying around about my man having recently been going to Vietnam for “business”.Being the very kaypoh and curious person that I am, I can’t help but wonder how this rumor came about and why Vietnam of all countries?

Well let’s suspend our disbelief and just entertain this notion for a minute. It is perhaps possible that this could be true provided:

(a) My man’s able to zip to the airport, fly to vietnam, do whatever he needs to do, fly back to Australia and zip back from the airport, get back into his pj’s and to bed …. all within the 8 hours of my beauty sleep

(b) there’s actually any business dealings in Vietnam.

Since I’m practically CFO, CEO, Director, Pantry lady & Secretary of my company, I am quite sure there has ever been any dealings with Vietnam, whatsoever. Never. Ever. Not even under any other companies.

As for possibility (a), that could be possible if there’s a time travel machine or supersonic jet that I don’t know about. Otherwise, unlike some, I am pretty sure where my man sleeps at night, every night.

So that leaves only one possible reason for this rumour – Someone has been using my man as an alibi for illicit trips perhaps? But who would be so dumb as to use him as an alibi without even telling/warning him beforehand?

Oh well, i guess this one of those mysteries in life that never gets solved….so if anyone can shed light into this mystery to appease the curious cat in me, please do come forward…i’ll prepare milk and cookies.


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