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Behind every Soldier, is a …… March 28, 2011

Filed under: Random Musings — dashingdiva @ 4:33 am

You know how a picture can speak a thousand words? Well this is one classic example, this photo speaks volumes of the extent to which Singapore has come to rely on foreign workers.

I guess we can now say, behind every Singapore soldier, there’s a maid carrying his back pack? I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry!

Photo taken from Mr Brown


4 Responses to “Behind every Soldier, is a ……”

  1. Andre Says:

    Holy crap! That is unheard of! I would never ever do such a thing as getting my domestic helper to carry my army things! It’s just cruel!

    And look at what that soldier is doing! He must be texting his boy / girlfriend that he is a real spoilt brat!

  2. dashingdiva Says:

    well maybe he injured his arm texting and playing Wii or something. I wonder if he’ll bring his helper along on his dates so the helper can help carry his gf’s handbag!

    • Andre Says:

      I am pretty sure that would happen. And can you imagine this soldier sneaking in the domestic helper to march and fight the war (if any), cos she will be more used to carry rations and the heavy bag… throw on the rifle, she will not tell the difference.

      Throw the domestic helper in the line of fire, and this soldier will be running away screaming (with hands waiving in the air like a queen he seems to be) cos he seems pretty useless to me.

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