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muah chee July 30, 2010

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I love muah chee and I never dream that it could be so easy to make! It seriously takes less than 15minutes and you’ll be savouring the taste of your childhood (for those in my generation anyway).

Recipe from The Little TeoChew
– 250g glutinous rice flour
– 375ml water
– 2 tbsp shallot oil

Mix (A) in a covered Pyrex bowl and microwave on high for 7 mins.

– 250g peanuts, toasted and ground finely
– 50g sugar

Mix (B) together to create peanuts and sugar mixture.

{Photo taken from The Little Teochew}

This is what you get after 7 mins – a soft, sticky and gooey texture.

Cut into tiny pieces using a kitchen scissor and drop it into the peanuts and sugar mixture. Coat well and serve immediately.
* Note : Don’t do that. It’s going to be sticky and messy if you try and cut small pieces directly from the bowl. Instead, do it like the Muah Chee hawkers. They always cut a big piece out and plonk it into the peanut/sugar mixture, and then start cutting into small pieces. This way, as you cut and roll the little pieces around in the peanut mix, they don’t stick to one another, or your scissors, anymore.

Serve them in individual portions, with toothpicks!

muah chee photo


One Response to “muah chee”

  1. dashingdiva Says:

    oops so sorry i usually do, must have forgotten in the muah chee excitement! anyway it’s done. tx for the recipe.

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