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World best Pancakes July 28, 2010

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It’s no joke, this is really the World Best Pancakes. (ok maybe when we make it, it’s not the World’s Best LOOKING pancake)

It’s super fluffy and amazingly, it doesn’t leave you with that “sick from eating too much butter” feeling. Although be warned, this means you might have the tendency to go on eating n eating it and then you’ll become er, puffy?

Mr Lim has shamelessly christian the recipe

“Conrad’s Best Pancakes”


375ml (1.5 cups) full cream milk

2 tsp (10ml) lemon juice

35g (2tbps) sugar

225g (1.5 cups) self-raising flour

1/4 tsp bicarbonate soda

1 large egg

30g (1.5 tbsp) butter, melted

Melted butter for greasing pan


1. Place milk, lemon juice n sugar in medium bowl. Stir to combine and then set aside for 5 minutes. During this time the mixture may develop a slightly curdled look.

2. Stir flour & bicarbonate soda together in a large bowl until combined

3. Add egg & melted butter to the milk mixture. Whisk the mixture until the egg has combined with the milk. (the butter will probably just float on the surface)

4. Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture, whisk until almost smooth. The batter should still have some small lumps. Don’t overmix as that’ll make the pancakes tough. Leave batter to stand while the pan is preheating (at least 2 minutes)

5. Heat a large non-stick fry pan over medium heat. When pan is hot, lightly grease it with butter.

6. Briefly stir batter, scoop 1/4 cup batter into the pan and use the back of the spoon to spread it to form a 11cm diameter circle.

7. Cook pancakes on the first side until small bubbles appear n burst on the surface, about 1-2 minutes

8. Turn pancakes over with spatula. Cook until golden brown.


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